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Information Technology Careers
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Dive into a field that’s on the rise, with a range of stimulating careers that will rocket you directly into a growing industry with strong salaries and a bright future. Information Technology occupations include everything from cyber security to data analytics, and are ideal for the mathematically or analytically minded interested in investing their time and skills toward a solid, cutting edge career.

Project Management

Spearheading initiatives, organizing projects, and seeing collaborative tasks from planning to completion keep these roles busy. Project managers and coordinators fall under this category.

Data Analytics

These crucial roles translate data and numbers so that companies and organizations can make informed and actionable decisions. They include data analysts and statisticians.

Business, Sales & Management

Business and IT go hand in hand in these jobs, which tackle a large portion of the technology-related strategy, communication and problem-solving at businesses or organization. Chief Information Officers and business analysts are examples.

Support & Services

Get started in the IT field with a role that provides technology and computer support services for customers. Such roles include IT technicians or system architects.

Cyber Security

Maintaining the integrity of information systems is key and these jobs ensure that happens. Security analysts and help desk associates specializing in malware, are just some examples.

Development & Integration

The building happens in these positions, which are designed to create and rollout new infrastructure for organizations and companies. They include software developers and web developers.

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