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Academic Planning, Assessment, and Policy Analysis (APAPA) conducts policy analysis studies that support and inform the work of systemwide councils, committees and working groups:

Compass Test Practices to CC Chancellors Memo to UHCC Chancellors concerning Compass Test Practices
UHCC Prerequisite Validation Pilot Study Results of October 2006 pilot study on the validation of reading prerequisite courses for writing courses.
UH Board of Regents Policies and Bylaws UH BOR Bylaws and Policies – Chapters 1 – 12 covering the policies under which the Board and all University Units function.
UH System Administrative Procedures UH System Administrative Procedures website with links to APM numbers A1.000 to A9.999 covering procedures for land and physical facilities; administration; organization; planning; academic affairs; tuition, scholarships and fees; student affairs; business and finance; and personnel.
UH System Executive Policies UH System Executive Policies website with links to executive policy number E1.000 to E11.203 covering such areas as: planning; academic affairs; business and finance; personnel; land and physical facilities; and various other policies.
UH System Administrative Rules Weblink to the UH Administrative Rules establish the guidelines, limitations and parameters for specific types of actions within the context of the Hawai'i Revised Statutes. The official copy resides in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.
UH Community Colleges Policies Weblink to the UHCC Policies which supplement BOR policies on issues specific to the UH Community Colleges.
Historical Chancellor Community College Memos For Reference Only – Superceded by UHCCP beginning 2005. Memos were developed to ensure equity and consistency in interpretations and actions within the Community College System.

UHCC Faculty Subgroup on Academic Policies:

Policy Subgroup Proceedings - February 28, 2013 February 28, 2013 Proceedings
Policy Subgroup Proceedings - March 22, 2012 March 22, 2012 Proceedings
Policy Subgroup Proceedings - March 17, 2012 March 17, 2012 Proceedings

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