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The goals of the UHCC System Articulation Coordinators Committee are to promote initiatives and seek opportunities that foster a seamless transition for Hawai'i Department of Education (HDOE) and other non-DOE agencies or institutions students to enroll in University of Hawai'i Community College (UHCC) campuses. In particular, this committee has targeted the completion of at least three Dual-Credit Articulated Program of Study (DCAPS) agreements by 2011.

The roles and responsibilities of articulation coordinators include:

  • Serving as community college campus contact person on dual-credit opportunities, including but not limited to, DCAPS agreements and credit by articulation agreements;
  • Taking lead in the development of specific Career Pathway Cluster or Concentration DCAPS agreement preparation, including UH system horizontal agreements and PCC meetings;
  • Attending scheduled articulation coordinators' meetings; as well as
  • Disseminating articulation and other relevant information to appropriate campus groups.



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