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For a complete collection of accreditation reports, attachments and correspondence between the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) and the University of Hawai'i Community Colleges, dating back to 2003, click here.

ACCJC Letters to System and Colleges on October 2009 Midterm Reports

UHCC System Midterm Report to ACCJC (Oct. 2009)
UHCC System Midterm Report to ACCJC (Oct. 2009)
Attachment 1 UHCC Special Report Nov 2007
Attachment 2 UHCC Strategic Outcomes and Performance Measures Appendix B
Attachment 3 Strategic Plan Goals and Outcomes
Attachment 4 Community College Inventory
Attachment 5 Summary 2008 Annual Reports Instructional Program Data
Attachment 6 2009-2011 Biennium Budget Proposal Development
Attachment 7 Budget Reductions email VP Morton
Attachment 8 System Allocation of Federal Stimulus Funds
Attachment 9 FY 2009 General Fund Budget Reductions and Restrictions

UHCC System Special Report to ACCJC (Oct. 2007)
UHCC Special Report to ACCJC (October 15, 2007)
Attachment 1 - UHCC Community College Inventory 2007

Correspondence and Reports between ACCJC and UHCC
ACCJC Letters to the System and Colleges, October 2009 Midterm Reports
ACCJC Letter to UH on Special Report, January 21, 2008
ACCJC Evaluation Team Report, November 14, 2007
ACCJC Actions Resulting from 2006 Comprehensive Visits
ACCJC UHCC System Report (January 31, 2007)
Financial Audit UH Community Colleges (2005)
UHCC Midterm Report Update to UH BOR from JMorton (3-1-2010)

Standard IV B Preparation Fall 2006 Visit
Proceedings of 05/11/06 Meeting
     Agenda for 05/11/06 Meeting
     UHCC Standard IVB Final Draft
Proceedings of 03/02/06 Meeting
     Agenda for 03/02/06 Meeting
Proceedings of 01/27/06 Meeting
     Agenda for 01/27/06 Meeting
UHCC Campus-System Functions Map
Proceedings of 09/09/05 Meeting
     Agenda for 09/09/05 Meeting
BOR CC Committee Proposal
ACCJC Planning Visits in Multi-College Districts
Sample Standard IV Questionnaires
     Leeward CC
     Honolulu CC
VCCCD Mapping Document
Roster 05/18/05

UH System Reorganization of the Community Colleges (2005)
President's System Level Reorganization - CC (June 21, 2005)

Response to ACCJC Visit in 2000
UHCC System Recommendations Made as Part of the ACCJC Comprehensive Visit in 2000 (Approved by UH BOR August 24, 2006)
Attachment 1- Compass Test Practices Memo to CC Chancellors
Attachment 2 - UH System Distance Learning Plan
Attachment 3 - Capital Project Information and Justification Sheets Table R
Attachment 4 - BOR Approved CC Reorganization Proposal 2005
Attachment 5 - UHCC Map of College-System Functions 4-19-06
Attachment 6 - BOR Program Review Presentation 3-17-05
Attachment 7 - UHCCP 5.202 - Review of Established Programs
Attachment 8 - UHCC BOR Presentation on Program Review 7-21-06
Attachment 9 - UHCC AA Degree Level Competencies 1990
Attachment 10 - UHCC AS Degree Task Force Report 1994
Attachment 11 - Tools for Building an Outcomes-Based College Curriculum
Attachment 12 - UHCCP 8.101 Affiliation, Sheltered Classes, and Other Such Agreements