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The Hawai'i Strategy Institute is a forum for participants from the University of Hawai'i Community Colleges and invited guest speakers to engage in discussions focused on using evidence to change policies, practices, strategies and services to improve student success. 

Achieving the Dream sponsored two successful Hawai'i Strategy Institute forums in 2010 and 2011, with a wide range of topics from understanding the millennial generation to learning how to use data to drive decision-making.

The 2012 Achieving the Dream Hawai'i Strategy Institute takes place on April 20-21. Presenters from Hawai'i and the U.S. mainland offer a snapshot of the trends and innovations in retention, assessment, learning communities and other programs geared to help students succeed in college.

Save the Date: March 4-5, 2016, Kapi'olani Community College
2016 HSI Workshop RFP

Achieving the Dream Program
2015 HSI Program Addendum
Common Sense and a Good Faith Effort Presentation
Culture and Disability in Oceania Presentation
Disability Throughout History Presentation
Do Your Technical Standards Work For You or Against You? Presentation
Automatic Degree Pathways Presentation
New Challenges for/with Students with "New" Disabilities Presentation
A Team Approach in Implementing Open Educational Resources Presentation

2014 HSI Gone Wild Schedule
2014 HSI Gone Wild Program Additions and Revisions
Closing the Achievement Gap: Student Transformation, Support and Accelerated Learning in the Classroom Presentation
Productive Persistence: Tenacity + Good Strategies Presentation
Increasing Resilience and Critical Thinking Dispositions via Attention, Emotion and Cognitive Regulation Training for Undergraduate and Graduate Students Presentation
Ceeds of Peace Presentation
What do We Know about Increasing Student Success? Presentation
Using Data and Action Research Projects to Increase Engagement Presentation
Language Conversation Groups Presentation
UHMC Online Course Development and Mentoring Program Presentation
Update on Reauthorization Conversation and What it Means for our Ability to Measure Student Success Presentation
Unlocking the Mathematical Gate: Using Our Collective Findings for Greatest Impact Presentation
Writing from the Piko Presentation
The Small World Initiative Presentation
Instructional Assessment & E-Portfolio Project Presentation
ePortfolio Adopted as Capstone Project Presentation
Student Engagement and Academic Performance: Identifying Effective Practices to Improve Student Success Presentation
Our Journey Presentation
Taking Cues from Colleagues Presentation
Introduction to CTE Language Arts Skills Presentation
Teaching Innovations and Challenges for Schedulers
Teamwork for Active Learning Presentation
Using Google Drive in the Classroom Presentation
Improving Information and Communication Technologies Education to Meet Strong Workforce Demand Presentation

February 22-23, 2013 Agenda
Addendum to the Program
Cornerstones of Completion: State Policy Support for Accelerated, Structured Pathways to College Credentials and Transfer Presentation
Cultural Pathways for Cultivating Academic Success, Social and Cultural Well-being Presentation
Assessing General Education Outcomes Presentation

2012 Achieving the Dream Hawai'i Strategy Institute Program
Achieving the Dream Program
Kaua'i CC Math Rocks! Presentation

Achieving the Dream Program
State of ATD: March 2011 Presentation
Math Emporium Pilot Project at Kapi'olani CC Presentation

Achieving the Dream Program
Ke Ala 'Ike: A Culturally Relevent Approach to Student Success Presentation
New Student Orientation Presentation
The Millenial Generation Presentation
Dialog Presentation
Honolulu Community College Learning Communities Presentation
Helping Immigrants Students Access the Dream Worksheet
What Works in Student Retention Presentation
Our Higher Education Reality Presentation
The Importance of Gatekeeper Courses Presentation
Learning Outcomes Assessment Presentation