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Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects are funded through state issued general obligation or revenue bonds. CIP projects include construction of new buildings, major and minor renovations of existing buildings, and major repair or maintenance projects.

With a strategic priority of eliminating the current backlog of $67M in repair and maintenance, we are ramping up the processes to move projects quicker to completion.

Some of the new major campus developments or redevelopments are being planned for Hawai'i Community College, both in Hilo and West Hawai'i locations, as well as Honolulu Community College and the Wai'anae Education Center. The community colleges are also actively involved in the planning of the new Honolulu rail transit system as rail stops are currently projected to be on both the Leeward Community College and Honolulu Community College sites.

A listing of all current building or renovation projects, as well as current repair and maintenance projects and their status can be found below.

2009 - 2011

Building Description Comments Funding Total Project Cost
Repairs & Maintenance Projects
System WideSystemwide, Upgrade network infrastructure for VoIPin construction, target by end of yearGO/OP$3,400,000.00
System WideSystemwide Health and Safety-Upgrade Key System (Rekey)in design, target by end of yearGO$3,500,000.00
System WideSystemwide Security System-Surveilance System, Emergency and Mass communication completedOP$1,458,000.00
System WideOahu Campuswide Energy Savings Performance Contractin construction, target by end of fiscal yearGO/RB $30,338,583.00
System WideOahu Campuswide Renewable Energypending contract negotiationsPPA 
System WideSystemwide, Directory SignagecompletedOP$651,000.00
Building Description Comments Funding Total Project Cost
Repairs & Maintenance Projects
CampuswideReplace water distribution infrastructurein designGO 
382 CafeteriaMen's and Women's shower renovationin ConstructionGO$509,000.00
324 WeldingRe-roofin ConstructionGO$709,000.00
382 CafeteriaRefrigerator/freezer replacement. Repair and refurbish interiorsin ConstructionGO$452,049.00
390Replace shop dust collectorin ConstructionGO$398,300.00
321, 322, 323Improvements to Oil Separatorsin ConstructionGO$97,717.00
CampuswideFire Alarm system improvementsin designGO 
CampuswideInstall security fence around campus property linein designGO 
386B CarpentryUpgrade Classroom and bathroomin ConstructionGO$512,824.00
385 CeramicsReplace kiln/lab work areain designGO 
378 AdminRepaint exteriorin designGO 
380 Drafting and 381 IEPRepair/replace ceiling/upgrade electrical and termite damagein designGO 
390 CarpentryUpgrade electrical infrastructurein designGO 
378 Chancellor's bldg and 397 Business OfficeReplace AC unit, ducting, and insulationin designGO 
CampuswideRepair/replace windows and window frames, doors and door framesin designGO 
CampuswideADA Automatic Door Openersin designGO 
CIP/Federal Funded Projects
Bldg 380 and 389I Ola Haloa, Waihonua Renovation Projectin designFED 
Bldg 380 Lanai Addition completedFED$852,027.00
Hale AlohaRenovationpending constructionGO$7,600,000.00
Kamoleao Laulima Community Resource CenterNew Community Buildingin designFED 
Building Description Comments Funding Total Project Cost
Repairs & Maintenance Projects
8805 ScienceRetrofit/Replace Air Conditioning Systemin designGO 
8827 CosmetologyRepair/Replace Interlocking Ceiling Tilein constructionGO$242,000.00
8843, 8844Replace rain gutters around both buildingsin constructionGO$252,000.00
8827 CosmetologyRepair Walkways Around Buildingin constructionGO$361,000.00
8850 METCRepair Finger Piers (2)in constructionGO$64,000.00
8852/AREO - Lagoon Dr.Replace fire suppression systemin designGO
8827 Cosmetology, 8806 AdminRepair/repaint exteriorin constructionGO$534,500.00
CampuswideUpgrade campus irrigation systemin constructionGO$255,000.00
8807 Library/ClassroomsUpgrade infrastructurein constructionGO$8,609,000.00
8852 and 8857Change flooring from carpet to VCTin constructionGO$255,000.00
CampuswideUpgrade campus switchgearin designGO 
8817 Sheet MetalReplace windowsin design GO 
8805 ScienceRepaint Exteriorin designGO 
8814 Trades, 8818 OMRepair/replace roll up doorsin designGO 
8850 METCRepair/replace flooringin designGO 
8803 Auto, 8812 Pipe Fitters, 8817 Weld, 8818 Ref, 8820 ElecRepair/repaint exteriorin designGO 
8814 TradesMinor repair/repaint interiorin designGO 
CampuswideUpgrade Fire Alarm Systemin constructionGO$60,515.00
8852/AREO - Lagoon Dr.Replace 2 Compressors for Air Cooled Chiller, Airport Transformer Centerin constructionGO$29,925.64
8810 Chiller PlantOverhaul of 2 Centrifugal Chillersin constructionGO$47,819.88
CIP/Federal Funded Projects
Advanced Technology Training CenterNew Science Buildingin designGO 
Building Description Comments Funding Total Project Cost
Repairs & Maintenance Projects
6932 Arts & Sciences - KaliaReroofin constructionGO$1,045,000.00
6921 C - IliahiReroof (Holomua Center)in constructionGO 
6919A, 6919B, Kauila (Health Science)Reroofin constructionGO 
6922A, 6922B, Koa (Art)Reroofin constructionGO 
6930, Ohelo (Fine Dining/Culinary)Replace hot water tanks on Ohelo rooftopin constructionGO$141,000.00
6928, Ohia (Cafeteria/Culinary)Replace chill water insulation and ducting; repair electrical rooftop panels, install pc-based building management systemin designGO  
Kokio, Ilima, Iliahi, KauilaUpgrade toiletsin constructionGO$871,000.00
CampuswideResurface Asphalt Walkways/Bike paths, including Alanipending final acceptance GO$158,000.00
6930 Culinary - OheloReroofAdvertise for BidGO 
Building 6934 Arts & Science - OlonaReroofAdvertise for BidGO 
6934 OlonaRepair/replace AC - chiller, pumps, air handlersin designGO 
6939 Kopiko A & BRepair/replace AC - chiller, pumps, air handlersin designGO 
6938 Manono, 6937 ManeleRepair/replace AC chiller & pumpsin designGO 
6930 Culinary OheloRepair/replace AC air handlersin designGO 
CampuswideUpgrade campus switchgearin designGO 
6939 KopikoRenovate courtyard, side Bin designGO 
CampuswideRepaint fascia and fa├žade facing great lawnin designGO 
6935 LamaRecarpet buildingin designGO 
CampuswideRepair termite damaged building, Phase IIin designGO 
CIP/Federal Funded Projects
KokioRenovate 2nd Floor for STEM programcompletedFED$574,000.00
KokioExtend 2nd Floor Lanai for STEM programin constructionFED/GO$1,192,000.00
NaioImprovements to Campus Facilities-IT Networks, phase 1in constructionFED$269,000.00
KopikoImprovements to Campus Facilities-2nd Floor for Media Tech, phase 1in constructionFED$595,000.00
KopikoImprovements to Campus Facilities-1st Floor for Media Tech, phase 2in designGO 
ManeleImprovements for Hawaiian Studies programcompletedFED$605,000.00
IliahiRenovate 2nd Floor for Holomua programcompletedFED$881,000.00
IliahiRenovate 1st Floor & Courtyard for Student ServicescompletedFED$2,790,000.00
KauilaRenovation for Allied Health programsin designGO 
Building Description Comments Funding Total Project Cost
Repairs & Maintenance Projects
4454, 4456A, 4456BRepair Built-Up & Metal Roofs for Nursing/Bus. Ed.(4454) and Faculty 1 & 2 (4456A & 4456B)Advertise for BidGO 
4463B, 4465Reroof Welding 2 (4463B) and Campus Center (4465)in designGO 
CampuswideRepair/Replace Bus Sheltersin designGO 
4465 Campus CenterRenovate Campus Center into Culinary Arts Demonstration Kitchen/Classroom (950 gsf)in constructionGO$2,246,000.00
CampuswideCaulk/seal/repair Roof Flashing and 63 Exhaust Hoodsin designGO 
4459A, 4464Reroof Fine Arts 1 (4459A) and Carpentry (4464)Advertise for BidGO 
4461 TheatreReplace scuttle doors on smoke towerin designGO 
4462 ElectionsReroof buildingin designGO 
4469 Maintenance ShopReroof buildingin designGO 
CampuswideRepair/replace damaged light poles and electrical circuitsin designGO 
4454 Nursing (near fountain)Replace asbestos flooringin designGO 
4454 Business/NursingRepair/retrofit/replace air conditioning systemin designGO 
4458 Social Science, 4466 Auto Body, 4467 Auto techRepair/retrofit/replace air conditioning systemin designGO 
AC PlantRetrofit air conditioning plantpending award Oahu Plumbing GO$516,045.00
4455 LRCRepair/retrofit/replace air conditioning system and fan coil unitsin designGO 
4459 Fine Arts 1 and 2Repaintingin designGO 
4465 Campus CenterReplace carpetin designGO 
4455 LRCReplace windowsin designGO 
CampuswideUpgrade emergency generator for Lighting Systemin constructionGO$134,810.00
4465, 4474A, 4474BRenovate Campus Center partial, renovate bus shelters A and Bin constructionGO$1,965,048.00
CIP/Federal Funded Projects
4458 Social ScienceRepair/renovate classroom to science laboratoryin designGO 
CampuswideEnergy Savings Performance Contractpending agreementGO 
CampuswideRenewable Energypending agreementPPA 
AnaholaNew Community KitchencompletedFED$515,290.00
KekahaNew Community Centercontract negotiationsFED 
Building Description Comments Funding Total Project Cost
Repairs & Maintenance Projects
880-GenTech,884-Fine Arts,883-Arts&Music,886-BusEd,875-Library,878-BioSciUpgrade Classrooms and Faculty Offices - Re-Carpeting, fixed seating configurations, faculty office and classroom renovationsin ConstructionGO$713,000.00
CampuswideSecond Floor Railing - clean & waterproof 2nd floor concrete railing componentsin ConstructionGO$213,000.00
876-AdminRenovate Second Floor of Admin Bldg - for Student Services One-Stop Centerin designGO 
CampuswideRepair Restrooms-Phase II HOLD - rebidGO 
CampuswideSeal, Prime & Paint Building Exteriors (priority projects)in ConstructionGO$494,000.00
CampuswideRepair and Seal Ground Level Campus Sidewalksin designGO 
CampuswideWaterproof Fascias Campuswidein ConstructionGO$256,000.00
CampuswideReseal concrete railing, 2nd floorin ConstructionGO$188,868.00
875-BusEd, 886-LibraryRepair/refurbish TV production studio and classroomin ConstructionGO$918,000.00
CampuswideRepair/replace irrigation system (landscaping master plan)in designGO  
CampuswideRepair/seal ground level campus sidewalkspreawardGO 
CampuswideWaterproof fascias campuswidein ConstructionGO$256,000.00
BS-MS BuildingsStructural repairs to site retaining walls and MS-BS buildingsHOLD  
CampuswideRetrofit/replace chill water pipe insulationin designGO 
877 Phy Sci, 878 BiologyModel classroom upgrade, repair/replace fixed table seatingin designGO 
CampuswideRepair/replace moss rock walls and outdoor benchesin designGO 
CampuswideRepair waterproof fascias, PH 2in designGO 
CampuswideRepair/replace air conditioning/ventilation systemsin designGO  
CampuswideReplace AHUsin designGO 
CampuswideRepair/replace railings to exterior stairsin designGO 
CIP/Federal Funded Projects
885-TheatreRepair/refurbish buildingin designGO 
Education and Innovation Instruction FacilityNew Teacher Education Buildingpending BidGO 
Building Description Comments Funding Total Project Cost
Repairs & Maintenance Projects
TLC, Laulima 2251Retrofit central air conditioning unit for TLC complex and Laulima Bldg. Deterioratedin designGO 
Moloka'i AgStrengthen Molokai AG Greenhouse Structure and Deteriorated Panels.preaward meetingGO 
2201, 2202, 2203 2204Repair/Repaint Exterior, Vocational Shops, Automotive, Bldg Maintenance, Carpentry and Welding, stucco spalling and falling off the building.Advertise for BidGO 
CampuswideRepair/Upgrade Irrigation System to a pressurized system and also convert potable irritation areas to non-potable.in designGO 
CampuswideRepair/Refurbish Sidewalksin designGO 
2220 Faculty HaleRepair restrooms, fixtures, stalls, walls, etc Repair/Repaint exterior walls and interior walls and replace deteriorated window louvers. Paint peeling.HOLD - pending November AFBGO  
2249 KalamaRepair/Repaint Exteriorin ConstructionGO$255,000.00
2253 Paina, 2232 Student Life, 2237 TLC, 2208 Hookipa, 2238 Nursing Treat (tent) termite infested bldgs (Paina, Pilina) and repair termite damaged fixed furniture (TLC, Hookipa-A&R, Nursing)in designGO 
2253 PainaDehumidify Class Act Restaurant and corridor, reduce size of entry way fan and reduce AHU noise in Executive Conference room.in designGO 
2239A Ag Classrooms, 2249 Kalama Bldg, 2224 LibraryRepair/replace/refurbish windowsin designGO 
2253 Paina Rooftop, 2251 LaulimaRepair/replace kitchen hood system and ductworkin designGO 
2249 Kalama, 2250 Kupaa, 2251 Laulima, 2253 PainaReplace building OA intake vents and supply air fansin designGO 
2223 AutobodyReroof and refurbish exterior wall panelsin designGO 
2253 PainaRefurbish/replace refrigerator coils, convert system from chill water cooling to fresh water cooling system to minimize condensationin designGO 
CIP/Federal Funded Projects
2221 Science Bldg."Renovate 2nd floor labs to house the Allied Health Program - dental hygiene and dental assistants."in designGO 
Science BuildingNew Science Buildingin constructionGO$20,500,000.00
Hale A'oDormitory Improvementspending construction funding  
CampuswideEnergy Savings Performance Contractin constructionRB/GO$8,692,663.00
CampuswideRenewable Energypending agreementPPA 
Building Description Comments Funding Total Project Cost
Repairs & Maintenance Projects
5977, 5979, 5980, 5983, 5982Replace Awning/Ramp/Rail- Laakea, Manaopono, Noeau, Alakai, Naauaoin designGO 
CampuswideADA compliance - automatic door openers.in designGO 
5991 Palanikila 5990 AkoakoaRepair Roof/Leaks (including downspouts and gutters)in designGO 
5982 Alakai RoadwayRepave Roadway - Alakaiin ConstructionGO$481,000.00
CampuswideInstall chain link fence between Kaneohe District Park and Windward CCin designGO 
5988A ImiloaReplace exhaust fansin designGO 
5988A ImiloaRegrade roof top for proper drainagein designGO 
5988A ImiloaRedesign/replace Hale Imiloa skylight roofin designGO 
5988A ImiloaUpgrade/replace fire alarm systemin designGO 
UluwehiFlood mitigation at UluwehiHOLD completing adjoining road construction  
5989 HokulaniReplace seatsin designGO 
5988 ImiloaRemediate Mold Source-Study/Abatementin designGO 
5991 Palanikila 5990 AkoakoaRepair/replace skylight 5990, Repair/replace exterior windows and doors 5990, 5991in designGO 
5993 Awa, Botanical Garden Trailer, CottagesElectrical tie in for Awa, Cottages, Botanical Trailer with main meterin designGO 
CIP/Federal Funded Projects
5983 NaauaoRenovate buildingHOLD for Laakea-Noeau designGO 
5992 Hale A'oRenovate buildingin designFED 
5988A ImiloaRenovation for VT Programin designGO 
Laakea-NoeauInterior renovationin designGO 
AlakaiRenovate buildingcontract negotiationsGO 
Library Learning CenterNew Learning Resource Center buildingin constructionGO$21,000,000.00