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Providing award-winning program and project delivery solutions for the University of Hawai'i Community Colleges

The Facilities and Environmental Health office, formerly called the Physical Facilities, Planning and Construction office, coordinates long- and short-range facility plans for new construction, renovations, repair and maintenance; delivering high-value facilities to the seven community college campuses. From the smallest repair and maintenance project to highly complex renovation and new construction projects, the Facilities and Environmental Health office works with the community college campuses, private architect/engineers, private contractors, the Office of Capital Improvements and governmental departments to deliver unique, superior, and sustainable solutions to fulfill campus needs.

Collectively, the seven community colleges comprise 2,770,000 gross square feet of physical building facilities located on 399 acres of land, spread across multiple islands statewide.

In addition, the office also provides occupational and environmental health and safety support in coordination with the UH Environmental Health and Safety Office.

Contact Information:
Brian Kashiwaeda, Director, (808) 956-0864
Darren Ito, Project Manager, (808) 956-0890
Rodney Yim, Electrical Engineer, (808) 956-0868
Rosalina Burian, Architect, (808) 956-0867
Denise Yoshimori-Yamamoto, Architect, (808) 956-8373
Miles Nirei, Environmental Safety Specialist, (808) 956-9464
Lynn Toma, Secretary, (808) 956-0863
Herbert Ishida, Mechanical Engineer, (808) 956-0928