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Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects are funded through state issued general obligation or revenue bonds. CIP projects include construction of new buildings, major renovations of existing buildings, and major repair or maintenance projects.

As with the UHCC operating budget, the CIP budget is based upon a 2-year, biennium budget cycle. Through an extensive and cooperative process, a biennial CIP budget request is prepared and submitted to the Legislature for consideration when it convenes in regular session in every odd-numbered year. A separate Office of Capital Improvements coordinates and administers these funds for the University system.

The community colleges currently have a backlog of $67M in repair and maintenance projects. A listing of backlog projects can be found here . Eliminating this backlog is a strategic priority for the community colleges. Major new campus development or redevelopment is being planned for Hawai'i Community College (both East and West Hawai'i), Honolulu Community College, and the Wai'anae Education Center. A summary of the long-range development plan for each of the seven campuses can be found here.

The community colleges are also actively involved in the planning of the new Honolulu rail transit system as rail stops are currently projected to be on both the Leeward Community College and Honolulu Community College sites.

A listing of all current building or renovation projects, as well as current repair and maintenance projects and their status can be found here

Chart Analysis

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Campus Revenue Bond Funding FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013
Oahu & Kauai Oahu and Kauai Campuses - Energy Conservation/Efficiency Projects $29,000        
Maui College Maui College - Energy Conservation/Efficiency Projects $7,000        
  Total Revenue Bond Funding $36,000 - - - -
Campus Repair & Maintenance GO Bond Funding FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013
CCSWS CC Systemwide - Reoairs and Maintenance $12,213 $22,602 $21,380 $12,018 $1,851
  CC Systemwide - Health, Code, and Safety $244 $7,550   $9,572 $2,100
  CC Systemwide - Minor Renovations     $2,000 $10,000  
  Total Repairs & Maintenance GO Bond Funding $12,457 $30,152 $23,380 $31,590 $3,951
Campus Go Bond Construction Projects  FY 2009  FY 2010  FY 2011  FY 2012  FY 2013 
Kapiolani Kapiolani - Chapel Renovation     $575    
  Kapiolani CC Total - - $575 - -
Leeward Leeward - New Education and Innovation Instructional Facility       $19,013  
  Leeward - Waianae Education Center (REAUTHORIZATION)       $3,000  
  Leeward CC Total - - $22,013 -
Windward Windward - KEY Project $200        
  Windward - New Library and Learning Resource Center (Equipment)     $1,578    
  Windward CC Total $200 - $1,578 - -
Hawaii Hawaii - East & West Hawaii Campus Development (REAUTHORIZATION) 11,207        
  Hawaii - East & West Hawaii Campus Development   $10,000      
  Hawaii - Update Long Range Development Plan         $500
  Hawaii CC Total $11,207 $10,000 - - $500
Maui College Maui College - New Science Building (Equipment)   $3,157      
  Maui College - Molokai Campus (Land Acquisition)   $500      
  Maui College - New Science Building (REAUTHORIZATION)     $23,825    
  Maui College - Renovate Old Science Facility         $4,501
  Maui College Total - $3,657 $23,825 - 4,501
  Total Construction Project GO Bond Funding $11,407 $13,657 $25,978 $22,013 $5,001