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UHCC strategic planning is a never-ending process of checks and balances. In determining the best strategies that will help our colleges advance forward, we rely on data, research and new perspectives drawn from the University community and the public-at-large. Then, through a unified and coherent system review of our current strategic and academic plans, this information is shared with all stakeholders to reassess and evaluate our progress in meeting current goals and objectives and/or establishing new ones. This process allows for greater input from a broader array of people, more transparency and relevancy of data and, of course, timely communication and accountability.

As a result of this collaborative and comprehensive process, the UHCC Strategic Plan was established within the guidelines of the UH Board of Regents' policy on academic planning and the UHCC policy 4.101 on strategic planning, while upholding our UHCC mission and integrating the goals identified by the University of Hawai'i System Strategic Plan.

This plan, coupled with campus academic development plans, creates a solid framework from which we can focus our limited resources on the most important actions and priorities to meet our goals.

This website provides you with information on the strategic planning process, the progress being made to meeting our goals, and access to supporting resources and documentation.

Goal A-1
Goal A-2
Goal B
Goal C
Goal D
Goal E

UHCC Strategic Performance Information
The text for each performance measure can be displayed by selecting the radio button above marked "Show Details."

Performance measures that have multiple charts are displayed with a stacked graphic and buttons. To view each chart simply click on the buttons labeled [1], [2], [3], etc.

NOTE: A legend appears on the bottom of every chart that list the items being plotted. If you would like to hide certain items to make viewing easier just click on the legend item to hide or show it's value on the chart.

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