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For the most recent Strategic Plan documentation, please visit us here.

The UHCC Strategic Planning Council (SPC) established a process to identify additional areas of emphasis to be grouped under the current UHCC strategic plan's goals. Working groups, chaired by a Chancellor with Faculty Senate Chair (not of the same college), and a Student Leader supplemented by members knowledgeable and appropriate for the work have been formed. The organization and process for updating the plan beyond 2015 was part of the VPCC's spring visit to each of the institutions. The working group goals or focus are: (goals from UHCC Strategic Plan)

Goal A (part 1): Educational Effectiveness and Student Success
Special emphasis on Part Time student access and success
Adult Learners

Goal A (part 2): Native Hawaiian educational Attainment
Including review of other underserved populations

Goal B: Functioning as a Seamless State System
Transfers and Articulation

Goal C: Promote Workforce and Economic Development
Special emphasis on STEM
Workforce – Energizing areas
Reviving the global curriculum

Goal D: Hawaii's Educational Capital/Resources and Stewardship
What it means to be a Native Hawaiian Serving Institution
Government/non-profit partnerships
Entrepreneurship, commercialization, resource base

Goal E: Develop Sustainable Infrastructure for Student Learning
Clean Energy

Focus Area 1: Distance Education
Infrastructure for Student Learning
ADA delivery
Student Success

The working groups will review current performance measures; identify which should stay and/or be revised; identify potential new measures during spring and summer 2013 meetings. The full SPC will discuss and compile measures at its Fall 2013 meeting followed by visits by the VPCC to each college for open, systemwide dialogue. Based on the results of those meetings, the measures will be refined and the full SPC will finalize outcomes and performance measures for the 2015 and beyond update. Results, progress and next steps will be chronicled in the SPC proceedings or as an attachment thereto.