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Since Hawai'i Community College began building model homes 44 years ago as part of its architectural drafting and construction programs, the design and construction of the "standard" home have evolved with heightened awareness of new technology and green building methods. This year, the students were able to include green technology in almost every aspect of the home, from Energy Star rated building materials and appliances to the latest technology in solar water heating and electrical energy systems. With the help from Associate Vice President for Community Colleges Peter Quigley, the college was able to secure funding for all energy efficient technology, building materials and appliances, as well as receive guidance from Green Building Technology Consultant Tony Grahame. Hawai'i Community College's Model Home Project is a partnership between Department of Hawaiian Homelands and Hawai'i Community College.

Hawai'i Community College's 44th Model Home uses green features, such as the Energy Star qualified metal roofing with Energy Star radiant barrier. Click here for more details on the energy-saving features of the model home.

Conferences and Summits

In an effort to begin the dialog necessary to create positive action towards sustainability, UHCC held several events that brought like-minded people together to form partnerships, collaborate on ideas, and discuss solutions for energy and sustainability education and training.

The "Green Now Conference" featured Blue Planet Software President/CEO Henk Rogers as keynote speaker, followed by roundtable sessions with topics focused on renewable energy, retrofitting, transportation and sustainable agriculture.

The follow-up event "Hawai'i Green Jobs Summit" focused on new energy, new technology, new opportunities and green jobs for the future. The Summit featured Hawai'i State Energy Administrator Theodore Peck as the keynote speaker, followed by a panel discussion on the "Energy Landscape in Hawai'i" with panelists from various industries, such as biofuels, electric vehicles, geothermal energy, green construction, ocean energy, solar energy and wind energy.