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The University of Hawaii System of colleges and Universities has a strong commitment to sustainable education programs, workforce development programs, as well as practices that lead in stewardship and reform of energy usage, building standards, and more. What follows is an inventory of programs and initiatives that have shaped our direction in this field. In addition one sees a gauge that measure energy usage at present as well as progress we have made in cutting back.

Currently as part of the C3T grant we are making a giant leap forward with new agriculture and new energy development.

Use the drop down menu at the top to view other campuses yearly trends. You can also click on the chart bars to drill-down and compare all campuses, then select a campus to view yearly trends.

Campus sustainablity goals are shown at the bottom.

NOTE: A legend appears on the bottom of every chart that list the items being plotted. If you would like to hide certain items to make viewing easier just click on the legend item to hide or show it's value on the chart.

Click on chart bars for additional information
    Kilowatt Reading by Island (Red Triangle = Kilowatt Reduction Goal)