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Apprenticeship training programs are developed and conducted by the labor unions and/or employer organizations representing various trades. In partnership with the community colleges, the labor unions and employer organizations provide classroom instruction for persons who are apprenticing in the building and construction industry. The apprenticeship training is a combination of working, learning on the job, and going to school for related instruction. The community colleges offer apprentices an opportunity to apply their work process and related classroom instruction toward an Associate in Applied Science degree in Applied Trades.

Openings in the apprenticeship program are dependent on the availability of job openings in the industry. For most of the building trade programs, open recruitment periods for specific trades are announced publicly. Interested persons must apply only during these periods to be considered for the apprenticeship training program.

On O'ahu, Honolulu Community College is the hub for apprenticeship training programs, serving more than xxxx apprentices in a broad range of trade occupations every evening and Saturday mornings.

Apprenticeship Resources