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Focus Areas

Eighty-five percent of all of the food consumed in Hawai'i is grown outside of the state. Revitalization of the agricultural industry through certification programs will offer both technical and hands-on learning, improve production efficiency, and share new marketing strategies needed to ensure the economic viability of food production and sustainability in Hawai'i. Windward CC is taking the lead on coordinating the agricultural pathway along with UH Maui College, Kaua'i CC, Hawai'i CC, Leeward CC to develop the Farmer Incubator Program, Sustainable Agriculture, Aquaponics, and Food Safety programs, to name a few.

The challenges faced by the alternative energy sector are the diversity and number of employers, many of them small; ever changing technologies; and needs for training and coordination. The most significant state energy efforts are found in the Hawai'i Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI). HCEI outlines an aggressive goal of 70% clean energy for the state by 2030. This initiative requires the acceleration of workforce development in multiple green sectors. Honolulu CC is focusing on the energy sector and will collaborate with energy programs with other campuses: Kaua'i CC, Leeward CC, UH Maui College, Hawai'i CC to develop courses related to sustainability, renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as 13 programs under the Statewide Energy Sector Partnership (SESP).

Hawai'i Clean Energy Initiative

The healthcare system in Hawai'i suffers from an ongoing lack of specialty healthcare workers, and therefore healthcare providers have had to import personnel across neighboring islands and from the mainland U.S. to meet regional needs. Kapi'olani CC is the lead on Healthcare industries and coordinating efforts with Leeward CC, Kauai CC and UH Maui College to develop health science programs. Along with strong industry partnerships the consortium will be coordinating the expansion and statewide delivery of healthcare training, certificates and degrees.

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