Community College Career Training (C3T)

Industry Partners

The UHCC's in partnership with the Hawai'i Department of Labor and Industrial Relations are working together to enhance relationships between the Community College campuses and the public workforce system. They are doing this through:

  • Leveraging the workforce system to develop outreach and recruitment of students through One Stop career centers throughout the state, agencies and community based organizations.
  • Creation of the Policy Planning Work Groups (PPWGs), industry groups in the Agriculture, Healthcare and Energy industries to provide UHCC with feedback on training and education programs, as well as validation of programs.
  • Predictive modeling would make available predicted occupational data information to UHCC to create better training and education programs in each of the C3T industry areas.
  • Providing information through a connections portal to support students, UHCC faculty, industry and the workforce system to find learning and training opportunities in the three targeted industries.

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