Assessments and Placement Testing

Assessments and Placement Testing

For entering students, the community colleges use a variety of ways to check your skill levels in English and math, so you’ll be placed in the right level of those classes.

If you’ve graduated high school within the last two years, you can use any of the placement measures below. Additional placement testing may not be necessary. In other cases, you can take the Accuplacer test at your college’s test center.

If one of the measures below leads to placement in a developmental education class, you have the option of taking a placement test if you think it will improve your placement.

Placement measures for students graduating high school within the last two years:

  • – Cumulative High School GPA
  • – 12th Grade English Grade
  • – 12th Grade Intro to College Math Grade
  • – 12th Grade Alg 3, Trig, or Pre Calc Grade
  • – Algebra II grade
  • – Algebra I grade
  • – ACT Writing / Math score
  • – SAT Writing / Math score
  • – HiSET Language Arts / Math score
  • – GED Language Arts / Math score

Please contact a college counselor if there are any questions about our placement measures.