UH Manoa Ka`ie`ie/Transfer Advisor available at Kapi`olani Community College

Nicole Iwasaki

Phone: 808-734-9596
Email: niwasaki@hawaii.edu
Location: Ilima 104 - Maida Kamber Center for Career Exploration, Transfer & Graduation Services

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Ka'ie'ie (Degree Pathway Partnership)

Ka`ie`ie is a degree pathway program with Kapi‘olani Community College (KCC) and University of Hawai‘i at Manoa (UHM). It is a dual-admission, dual-enrollment program for students who are pursuing a four-year undergraduate degree, but choose to begin their degree at KCC. It is focused on students successfully transferring from KCC to UHM while completing their academic degrees.

The main goals of Ka`ie`ie are:

  • Transfer smoothly and graduate with a Bachelor’s degree within four years, or the equivalent in part-time attendance.
  • Provide mandatory advising and academic planning to students and connect them earlier to their major department at UHM. 
  • Provide students the opportunity to take courses at one or both institutions while identifying the best time to transfer.

There are two (2) categories in Ka`ie`ie.  Students need to join first, then transfer whenever appropriate.


Students who plan to complete a Bachelor’s degree at UHM, but are not yet ready to make UHM their home institution. 

Home institution = KCC

Students are allowed to take courses at UHM. 


Students who have been:

  • Accepted into Ka`ie`ie as a Join, and
  • In the Ka`ie`ie program for at least one (1) semester, and
  • Are ready to make UHM their home institution (with or without an Associates degree).





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