Ka'ie'ie - FAQs

Q: Do I have to pay the $70 application fee when I submit my Ka'ie'ie application
    to join?
A: No. The UHM application fee is waived for Ka'ie'ie applicants.

Q: Can I join and transfer in the same semester?
A: No, you will need to join Ka'ie'ie first and be in the program for at least one
    semester before transferring to UHM.

Q: Do I have to pay the $200 tuition deposit?
A: No, the tuition deposit is waived for Ka'ie'ie students as a benfit of
    the program.

Q: Is Ka`ie`ie the only way to transfer to UHM?
A: No. If you are not eligible for Ka'ie'ie, there are two other ways to transfer
    to UHM. Please email the Transfer Specialist on your participating UH system campus,
    to receive more information.

Q: Who do I see to fulfill my mandatory advising?
A: If you are a Ka'ie'ie joiner, you will need to see your counselor or a Ka'ie'ie Transfer Specialist
    See the contact page for their information. If you are a Ka'ie'ie transfer, you will need to see
    your major advisor at UHM.

Q: Will my transfer credits be evaluated?
A: Yes, your transfer credits will be evaluated into UHM's equivalencies at the time
    of acceptance into the Ka`ie`ie program. It will be posted on your STAR record.

Q: Why do I have a TB and MMR health clearance hold on my STAR account if I am
    not planning to attend UHM just yet?
A: Being in the Ka'ie'ie program means you have admission statuses not only at
    the participating UH system campus, but also UHM. For UHM admissions, you need to clear these health
    clearance holds and the TB and MMR holds will prevent you from registering
    at any UH campus.



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