Ka'ie'ie - Testimonials

Students who transferred to UHM via Ka‘ie‘ie were asked what they liked most about the program.  Here are their testimonials:

  • Easy transfer of credits and class standing into UH Manoa.
  • The counseling and academic pathway advice.
  • Getting to register with continuing students for UH Manoa classes.
  • Easy means to transfer, laid out exactly what you need to do, and when to do it.
  • It made transferring to UHM easy.
  • The consistent reminders. The advising sessions to help smooth out the transfer process. The advantage of registering at the same time as other UHM students.
  • This program made me feel more comfortable with UH as my new campus and familiar with the academic advisor for my degree program.
  • Being able to register early, having a better understanding on the things needed to do to transfer, meeting and having a better connection with faculty from UH as I transfer over.
  • The ease of transfer and the guidance in selecting classes.
  • Able to transfer to UHM smoothly with no problems and having me take classes at both UHM and KCC.
  • Easy transfer and 'early' registration, which allows you to get into overcrowded engineering classes, and helpful adviser(s) that support you.
  • Smooth transition to UHM.

Yuri Name: Yuri McCloskey
Community College Transferred from: Kapi‘olani Community College
UHM Major: Psychology BA
Semester Graduated: Spring 2016
Current Position: Skills Trainer
What I liked about the Ka‘ie‘ie program was:

The best part of the Ka‘ie‘ie program was having the peace of mind that comes with being able to find all the information needed to transfer to UH Manoa in one place. I felt very comfortable communicating with everyone there. The orientation was very comprehensive. It included step by step instructions to enroll, dates to all the important deadlines, and information about where I could learn more about my major. Thanks to this program I was able to transfer smoothly and in a timely manner.

Would you recommend the Ka‘ie‘ie program to future students transferring from the UH community colleges?

I would highly recommend the Ka‘ie‘ie program to anyone that is interested in continuing their education. Moving from a community college to a state university can be intimidating. The amount of paperwork required and the series of steps needed can become a reason for many to feel discouraged and give up pursuing their dream. With Ka‘ie‘ie, I felt like there was someone there to support and guide me all the way through. I feel fortunate for being a part of the result of such a successful program!

Samson Name: Samson
Transferred from: Kapi‘olani Community College in Fall 2014
UHM Major: Finance
What I liked about the Ka‘ie‘ie program was:

How comfortable the advisor made me feel and gave a great support system to help me do better in school and really had encouraged me to strive for better, just to push myself to limits that could be reached as long I worked hard and studied hard. She was very motivational that gave me a drive to push harder and be better.

What also made it very helpful was that any questions I had and did not know the answer to and it was late at night, I could email her and get an answer ASAP. That was a great help for me moving to a bigger school where I was used to a smaller school with smaller classes.

Would you recommend the Ka‘ie‘ie program to future students transferring from the UH community colleges?

Yes, it really helped me to have a step ahead of other students and get the help I needed when I was lost and felt I was in a corner standing alone, but it was the helping hand that stuck out and helped me to where I am today.

Kevin Name: Kevin
Transferred from: Kapi‘olani Community College in Spring 2015
UHM Major: Double major in Communication and Journalism
What I liked about the Ka‘ie‘ie program:

My experience with the Ka'ie'ie program allowed me to attend both KCC and UHM at the same time. Because of dual enrollment, I was able to start my upper division courses at UHM while finishing up the tail end of my general education requirements at KCC. Thus, saving me money by taking my lower division courses at KCC.

Would you recommend the Ka‘ie‘ie program to future students transferring from the UH community colleges?

I would recommend the Ka‘ie‘ie program to students currently at a community college who know what they want to major at UHM. The program will allow community college students to get a jump-start in their major, while finishing up general education requirements that most majors require. It also allows community college students to gradually become comfortable with the higher-level courses at UHM.



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