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Option 1: HIDOE Employees Taking Hawaiian Language Classes

HIDOE will provide scholarship for its current employees to enroll in Hawaiian 101 and/or Hawaiian 102 which are offered as part of UHCC course schedules. Elementary Hawaiian courses are offered at every UHCC campus and in a variety of formats and modalities.

  1. Course listings by campus: https://www.sis.hawaii.edu/uhdad/avail.classes
  2. Courses listings offered via distance learning: https://www.uhonline.hawaii.edu/courses/

HIDOE’s scholarship will cover the cost of tuition and student fees in based on the residency status of the employee. Employee is responsible for the cost of books and materials.

HIDOE employees who want to enroll in Intermediate Hawaiian (Hawaiian 201 and/or Hawaiian 202) must be approved by HIDOE’s Office of Hawaiian Education (OHE). Participant must receive a “C” or better and meet enrollment requirements established by the University system.

If the employee is not currently a UH student, he/she must apply online for admission to the UH campus offering the Hawaiian Language class he/she is interested in, as applicable (UH Online application).

Important Dates

For Spring 2020
  1. November 12, 2019: Spring 2020 registration begins for new students.
  2. November 27, 2019: Submit agreement of Spring 2020 custom course details signed by HIDOE unit leader and UHCC campus contact.
  3. December 12, 2019: Payment deadline. Students utilizing tuition benefit must submit signed tuition assistance form to campus cashierʻs office on or before December 12 by 4:00 p.m.
  4. January 13, 2020 – May 15, 2020: Spring Instructional period.

For Summer 2020
  1. For Agreement on Custom Classes: By March 16, 2020.
  2. For Admission, New Students: By April 17, 2020.
  3. For Registration & Payment: TBA.

For Fall 2020
  1. For Agreement on Custom Classes: By July 15, 2020.
  2. For Admission: By August 1, 2020.
  3. For Registration: By August 25, 2020.
  4. For Payment: TBA.

Option1: Enrolling into a scheduled Hawaiian Language Class

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Apply All HIDOE employees designated to participate must:
  1. Apply for admission to the UHCC campus offering the Hawaiian language class.

Employees must meet requirements for student admission and course enrollment, including:
  1. Application deadlines:
    1. By December 15 for the Spring 2020 term
    2. By April 8 for the Summer 2020 term (Continuing students)
    3. By April 16-17 for the Summer 2020 term (for New Students)
    4. By August 1 for admission to the Fall 2020 term
    5. Students must meet class prerequisites.
Step 2: Create UH Username Upon acceptance to a UHCC campus via email, the HIDOE employee (student) must do the following:
  1. If a first-time applicant to the UH System, Create a UH Username and UH email address. This is their electronic key to gaining access to the university’s online services.
    1. If returning as a UH student to the UH System, request to re-activate UH Username and account.
  2. Submit required health clearance documents in order to be eligible for registration: TB, MMR (not required if born before 1957), Tdap, Varicella (not required if born before 1980).
Step 3: Register
  1. Students should view holds to see if cleared for registration.
  2. Students may register for Hawaiian language class(es) online via STAR.
    1. Registration must be done before the start of the term.
    2. If registering during the Late Registration period a late registration fee of $30 is charged which will be assessed directly to the student.
Step 4: Submit payment form to campus business office In order to receive the tuition benefit student must submit a payment authorization form to the business office of the UH campus of the Hawaiian language class BEFORE the payment deadline/disenrollment for non-payment date.

For Elementary Hawaiian (HAW 101 or 102), HIDOE employee must submit a payment authorization (Form A), signed and approved by the employee’s supervisor.

For Intermediate Hawaiian (HAW 201 or 202), the HIDOE employee must submit a payment authorization (Form B), signed and approved by the employee’s supervisor.

Scholarship Details for HIDOE Employee Enrolling into a Regular Hawaiian Language Class

If any employee is active as a UH student and receiving financial aid, this scholarship may be considered as part of the employeeʻs financial aid package.

The tuition and fees for eligible courses will be paid directly to UH for eligible HIDOE employees who submit their completed payment authorization form by the deadline. Employee (student) is responsible for their own supplies, equipment, internet connection (if applicable), and transportation.

All students must comply with the University’s policies, procedures, and deadlines, including withdrawal deadlines.

Additional Requirements

  1. Minimum C grade
    The employee agrees to fully participate and complete all coursework upon enrollment into a Hawaiian language course funded by the Department. The employee must successfully complete the course with a C or better to continue to receive benefit.

  2. Complete evaluation survey (google form)
    The employee agrees to complete an exit survey at the end of the semester and no later than December 31st for Fall semester and May 31st for Spring semester. The exit survey can be found at this URL: http://bit.ly/DOEexitsurvey

  3. Non-work hours for PD
    PD opportunities must follow Department guidance which require that all Bargaining Unit 05 employees enrolling in Department funded courses must take place during non-work hours.
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