Hawaiʻi Graduation Initiative Returning Adults Convening (April 4, 2019)

Hawaii Graduation Initiative System-wide Meeting on Returning Adults

Thursday, April 4, 2019, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Windward Community College - Hale Akoakoa 103 (map)

Meeting Objectives

  • To provide each campus an opportunity to develop or refine their plan to support stopped out students interested in returning and students who have returned after an absence.
  • To preview prototypes or policies to support working age adults and provide campus leaders an opportunity to provide feedback and incorporate those supports into their campus plans.

Meeting Schedule

8:30 Check in and Continental Breakfast

Welcome and Warm Up

- Ardis Eschenberg, Chancellor, Windward Community College


Why Returning Adults?

- David Lassner, President, University of Hawaii System & Interim Chancellor, University of Hawaii – Manoa


What do we know about UH returning adults?

- Tammi Chun, Director of Academic Programs, University of Hawaii Community Colleges


Campus team time

Discuss campus data about returning adults and map current campus supports for returning adults



Round 1
Preview supports for returning adults and provide feedback.
1 - Academic Pathways: Academic Technology to Assist Returning Adults
2 – Onboarding: Returning Adults Portal
3 - Prior Learning Assessment: Prior Learning Assessment via CLEP Testing
4 – Onboarding: CRM for Managing Prospective Students
5 – Onboarding: Admissions Portal
6 – Onboarding: Ho'ina: RAds Concierge
7 - Academic Pathways: Online 5-week Courses for Returning Adults
8 - Academic Pathways: "Catalog Year" for Returning Students
9 - Student Support: One Night to Success
10 - Student Support: Public Benefits Support
11 - Student Support: Academic Renewal



Round 2
1 - Academic Pathways: Academic Technology to Assist Returning Adults
2 – Onboarding: Returning Adults Portal
3 - Prior Learning Assessment: Prior Learning Assessment 2.0
4 - Onboarding: CRM for Managing Prospective Students
5 - Onboarding: Admissions Portal
6 - Onboarding: Returning Adults "Navigator"
7 – Student Support: Re-entry Scholarships for Returning Adults
8 - Academic Pathways: "Catalog Year" for Returning Students
9 - Student Support: Kids' College
10 - Student Support: Student Emergency Funds
11 - Student Support: Academic Bankruptcy`2

11:50 Lunch

Returning Studentsʻ Journeys

Tehani Keanini, Student, Windward Community College
Ginger Moratin, Student, Windward Community College
Facilitated by Heipua Kaopua and Jordan Lewton, Windward Community College


Campus team time

Redesign returning student support (revise map of supports for returning adults). Identify your 1-3 “big ideas.”


“Peer review” of returning adults plans


Campus team time

Redesign returning student support, Round 2: Based on feedback from peers and review of other campus plans, revise campus plan. Assign project owners/leads and next steps.


What next?

Chancellor report out for each campus.
Facilitator: Don Straney, Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy, UH System


Where do we go from here?

John Morton, Vice President for Community Colleges, UH System

3:00 End of meeting

Roundtable Discussions


Academic Pathways for Returning Students

Academic Technology to Assist Returning Adults [Rounds 1 & 2; Table 1]

STAR-GPS team is creating a new tool to allow a user to identify what degree a student is closest to completing. (Status: Planning stage)
Gary Rodwell, Manoa

"Catalog Year" for Returning Students [Rounds 1 & 2; Table 8]

Challenges emerge for returning adults regarding the catalog year that will govern their readmission to UH. This session is designed to help brainstorm possible solutions to the catalog year issue so that a fair and clear policy can be promulgated. (Status: Planning stage)
Debora Halbert, Office of Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy

Online 5-Week Courses for Returning Adults [Round 1; Table 7]

The returning adult population often has competing demands for their time including work, family commitments, and health issues. Providing access to higher education through 5-week online courses may be the answer for these students. This project will provide 5-week online courses for the AA degree. Target will be to identify the specific course gaps and offer the needed courses in a "cohort" model. (Status: Early stage implementation)
Della Teraoka, Leeward

Onboarding Returning Adults

CRM for Managing Prospective Students [Rounds 1 & 2; Table 4]

Using software to track and communicate with prospective students. (Status: Early stage implementation)
Tiana Loo, Leeward

Admissions Portal [Rounds 1 & 2; Table 5]

Changes in online application and/or processes to streamline "rollover admission" for CCs. (Status: Being revised for deployment on larger scale)
Merrissa Brechtel, Office of Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy and Craig Spurrier, Kapi‘olani

Returning Adults Portal [Rounds 1 & 2; Table 2]

UH website that provides information for adults who want to return to college. In addition, the site would be a place where students can apply and onboard back to college and be a one stop shop for their educational needs. (Status: Early stage implementation)
Hae Okimoto, Office of Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy & Information Technology Services and Curtis Washburn, Office of Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy

Ho'ina: RAds Concierge [Round 1; Table 6]

Since Fall 2013, 149 in-state students with 91+ credits did not graduate from UH Hilo or transfer to another institution. What happened to them? Using performance-based funding, UH-Hilo hired temporary staff to contact to these students, find out if they might still be interested in completing their degree, and help them reapply to UH Hilo. Using money we received for our Returning Students proposal, hired a temporary RAds Concierge who reaches out to petitioned non-graduates and students with 109+ credits who never graduated, as well as provides ongoing support for returning students who did reenroll at UH Hilo. (Status: Implementation)
Kainoa Ariola, Hilo

Returning Adults "Navigator" [Round 2; Table 6]

The objective of this "navigator" position is to provide the returning adult student a personal contact at the college to help them feel they belong in school. The navigator will assist them get the supports they need to be successful, and they will check in on them when they are faced with distractions from work or other personal obligations. (Status: Ready for deployment)
Della Teraoka and Emeli Maualuga, Leeward

Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment 2.0 (focus on military connected returning students) [Round 1; Table 3]

System plans for advancing PLA opportunities for military-connected returning students. (Status: Planning stage)
Robert Bullen, Office of Vice President for Community Colleges

Prior Learning Assessment via CLEP Testing [Round 1; Table 3]

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) testing can provide adult learners an additional option for prior learning assessment. Also known as the College Level Equivalency Program, this College Board program offers standardized tests to allow credit by examination opportunities for students. Learn how CLEP testing has been implemented at UH-West O`ahu, what courses are currently accepted throughout the UH system, and how CLEP can be used as a tool for adult learners. (Status: Being implemented on small scale)
Lokelani Kenolio, West O‘ahu

Student Support for Returning Students

Academic Bankruptcy [not confirmed. Round 2; Table 10]

Undergraduate students may declare one semester of their academic career at UH Hilo as an academically bankrupt semester. Although the student’s UH Hilo GPA will be recalculated to exclude all of the grades from the bankrupt semester, the grades from that semester will remain on the transcript. (Status: Implementation)
Ken Hon, Hilo

Academic Renewal [Round 1; Table 10]

Academic Renewal, if approved by UHMC, allows students with coursework three (3) years old or older an opportunity to exclude that coursework for select purposes once they have demonstrated new academic responsibility. This policy establishes the policy and procedure for students to initiate academic renewal. For the purposes of this policy, academic renewal is defined as the elimination of up to four (4) consecutive semesters‚ Äô credits from the calculation of the grade point average. (Status: Ready for deployment)
John McKee and Debra Nakama, Maui

Kids' College [Round 2; Table 9]

Kids' College is an academic-oriented program for school-aged children (5-12 years old) of Windward students, particularly those who are attending campus-based classes in the evening. The aim of this program is to provide a strategic, targeted support service for a specific population on our campus, student parents. Kids’ College is unique, compared to other programs within the UHCC system; it is not a child care program. This program falls under the exemptions from child care regulation (http://go.hawaii.edu/DyG), therefore, is not a licensed child care program. (Status: Planning stage)
Jordan Lewton, Windward

One Night to Success [Round ; Table 9]

One Night to Success will be a pilot project starting Fall 2019 for students who have completed some, but not all, of a Liberal Arts Degree. Classes that a group of students need to complete will be offered as a hybrid online/in-person format. Students will attend one night a week on campus with supports such as tutoring, technology, academic advising and child care for school aged children. (Status: Ready for deployment on small scale)
Margaret Sanchez and Pua Larson, Kaua‘i

HINET – A Holistic Approach to Addressing Basic Living and Academic Needs for Success [Round 1; Table 11]

HINET, Hawaii Nutrition Employment & Training, is a partnership between Hawaii’s Community Colleges and the Department of Human Services. Our agencies have a shared goal of moving Hawaii’s SNAP (formerly food stamps) recipients towards self sufficiency through career & technical education degrees and non credit workforce training certificates. Qualifying students receive financial support for food, transportation, childcare, tuition, book, uniforms and other costs for education. [Ready for deployment on larger scale]
Michael Moser, Office of Vice President for Community Colleges

Re-entry Scholarships for Returning Students [Round 1; Table 11]

Manoa will share about their Osher Re-entry and Crankstart Scholarships which provide tuition assistance to "reentry" adult students who are completing their first undergraduate degree. These scholarships are offered at UH baccalaureate campuses and can be used to re-engage students who have been stopped out for five or more years. CC transfer students may apply. (Status: Implementation)
Teresa Bill, Manoa and Jung Song, University of Hawai‘i Foundation

Student Emergency Funds [Round 2; Table 7]

We are working on a proposal for a Student Emergency Fund to support students’ degree completion. The funds would available to students who are experiencing a temporary financial need resulting from a sudden, unexpected emergency event that otherwise prevents them from academic success. The Fund may help students with unanticipated financial emergencies such as: emergency medical/dental costs, housing and living expenses, car repairs or transportation issues, childcare, family emergencies or natural disasters. (Status: Planning stage)
Margaret Sanchez, Kaua‘i


Windward Community College - Hale Akoakoa 103 (map)
Pali Highway to Windward side is closed in the morning. Please plan your route vie H3, Likelike or Waimanalo.

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