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Hawai'i Graduation Initiative

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The UH Community College System (UHCC) is committed to reaching the state's goal of 55% working age adults having a college degree by the year 2025. This commitment includes ensuring that all students regardless of income, background, or location share in the opportunities created by a higher education. The Hawai'i Graduation Initiative (HGI) recognizes that future jobs and the economy in Hawai'i and the world will require education beyond high school.

Community colleges are a critical component in attaining this higher level of degree attainment. The HGI goal can only be reached if more high school students choose to attend and succeed in college; and if more working adults, who never had access to or availed themselves of higher education, return to college to earn a degree. Community colleges are a natural first step for both of these groups of students.

To accomplish this goal, UHCC established the Student Success Council to identify some of the obstacles and struggles that students face along the path to a degree. Using metrics and research, the Student Success Council has been developing strategies and action plans to overcome these challenges. This bold system approach is described below in the Student Success Initiative.

Student Success Pathway Initiative

A comprehensive effort to improve student graduation.
A comprehensive effort to improve student graduation.
Structured pathways to assure timely and cost-effective completion for students.
The UH Community Colleges are committed to eliminating any graduation, transfer, or STEM graduation gaps for Native Hawaiian, Filipino, Pacific Islander, and low-income students.
Major reforms in preparing students for success in college programs.

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