The UH Community College System maintains an innovation fund to address student success and other strategic priorities. Additionally, when campuses do not attain their outcomes funding goals, the unearned allocation is redirected and used to supplement the innovation fund.

University of Hawaii - Community Colleges
FY 2019 Innovation Fund Summary


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Co-requisite Remediation Implementation (funded through unearned performance funding)


Peter Quigley

Continued implementation of devlopmental math/English redesign. To be distributed to campuses based on the same % as prior years.

Guided Pathway/ISS Implementation (funded through unearned performance funding)


Peter Quigley

Support for campuses to implement guided pathways and integrated student support. Funds may be used for STAR, FYE, iPASS, non-dev ed support, or other activities furthering the guided pathway and ISS initiatives. $50K for each campus to be spent at the discretion of the campus. $100K to fund related pilot or demonstration projects to be managed by UHCC academic affairs.

Returning Adults – recruiting adults, especially those already having college credits (funded through unearned performance funding)


Tammi Chun

Funds to implement Shark Tank initiatives and other strategies targeting working adults.

Professional Development focused on Teaching and Learning


Cathy Bio

Professional development relating to student success for multiple stakeholders. First year of a three year commitment to the program.

Achieving the Dream, including the Hawai‘i Student Success Initiative


Kamuela Chun

Funding for the AtD participation, HSSI, the ISS institute, Kamuela Chun's salary, and other expenses associated with our AtD Student Success initiative

APT/CS Professional Development


Debbie Nakagawa

APT/CS Professional Development Institute in conjunction with HSSI

Open Educational Resources and Zero Cost Textbooks


Wayde Oshiro

Continued expanson of OER adoption across all seven campuses. Includes $40K for incentive programs for faculty to convert to OER.

Distance delivered degree program


Peter Quigley

Funds to support the implementation of the community college component of UH On-line. To be used in conjunction with the 4 new general funded positions for on-line education and the UH system initiative

Centralized Financial Aid Services


Sherry Proper

To be administered by UH System Central Financial Aid Office

FASFA Completion Initiative


Steve Schatz

To be administered by P-20

My Future Hawai‘i – enabling digital transfer of high school student goals and academic records to the UHCC system


Steve Schatz

In cooperation with the P-20 and the DOE

Early College Expansion


Tammi Chun

In coordination with P-20 and the DOE

13th year Initiative recruiting and retaining high risk students


Kimo Perry

Continued expansion of the program to all seven campuses. Includes Kimo Perry's salary and fringe

Pasefika Passion Pipeline (3P) recruiting Pacific Island students



Exact nature of the program to be determined but likely to be done in conjunction with P-20 GEAR UP to increase college going rate for Pacific Island HS students. Summer 2018 expenses associated with the current Pasefika Passion Pipeline (3P) iincluded.

Viridis pilot program



Implementation of pilot testing of Virdis for students in credit programs at Maui and Honolulu

NROC/Ed Ready membership


Peter Quigley


On-line Tenure and Promotion System


Sandra Uyeno

Stipends for volunteer participants

Starfish payment


Peter Quigley

Residual payment on contract



Peter Quigley

Job Placement software

Academic affairs


Peter Quigley

Fund to be administered by academic affairs to provide rapid response for new ideas and/or initiatives. Includes career counseling training.

Total Innovation Funding





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