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Study Abroad

UHCC Student Testimonials - Study Abroad

Honda Study Abroad Scholarship

students"Because of the opportunity to study abroad – thanks to the [Honda Scholarship] – I was able to learn about many new and unique things that I would have never learned back home. It also makes me want to direct my wanderlust to other countries as well, to continue broadening and developing my own perspectives."
KayLee, Leeward CC
Summer, Nanzan University

students posing"I feel as if I grew phenomenally just living there and being immersed in Chinese culture and Chinese people everywhere. With my studies of Chinese language, I made much progress from day one to the end of the program. It was hard because we studied at a fast pace, so I worried that I would forget the material quickly too, but using Chinese every day helped me retain what I learned and become more fluent."
AiXiu, Kapiolani CC
Summer, Hainan University, China

"Studying abroad has impacted my life by widening my world view not only by getting to know the Japanese people but also by learning from other foreign students from around the world. I feel that by living and participating in Japan's culture I gained a deeper understanding of how the Japanese language is used. I think that studying abroad is a great way to experience a different world outside of your home and to know how much more there is to learn."
John Paul, Hawaii CC
Konan University, Kobe, Japan

Hakuoh University International Study Tour

large group of students"What I liked about this program was that it was a cultural exchange. The Hawaii group got to share a little bit about our culture like playing ukulele and singing and I learned so much about the Japanese culture."
Girlie Mae, UH Maui College

students"It was a priceless experience. You will make many lifetime friends, wonderful and precious memories, and happiness to last you for a long time."
Kelii, Leeward CC

Aichi University Exchange Program

students in traditional attire"So many emotions bubbled inside me between the times from finding out my acceptance into Aichi's exchange program to actually landing in Nagoya Airport. There was nervousness, excitement, fear, and happiness." Jadelyn, Kapiolani CC

Harris T. Wofford Fellowship

students"This experience has opened my eyes to the possibility of teaching ESL (English as a Second) and obtaining my Masters in TESOL...."
Aida, Leeward CC
Volunteer, three weeks, Rabat, Morocco

student with host family"This trip has changed me.... I can honestly say that this trip has empowered me in a way that I have never felt before and it has opened up a different side of me that I never knew exist. I truly feel like I can overcome or do anything that I want in life! I am already thinking about my next study abroad trip!"
Justine, Kapiolani CC
Volunteer, three weeks, Salvador, Brazil

photo from atop a mountain"My Cape Town, South Africa, volunteer adventure was amazing. I had the honor of volunteering at two places, Nomzamo, meaning "safe place", an orphanage for babies and toddlers, and Oakhaven, an elder home.... My soul was enriched by the smiles and giggles of the babies and my mind was enriched by the stories and hugs of the elderly. My heart and soul will forever be touched."
Carly, Hawaii CC
Volunteer, three weeks, Cape Town, South Africa

students at a temple"During my time in Costa Rica, I was able to experience many cultural things, volunteer at a daycare center with children that were from broken homes, and travel to several different towns there as well. Honestly it was one of [the] most life changing experiences in my life; being able to travel across the world and volunteer with children, and meet all sorts of people around the world."
Dylan, Kauai CC
Volunteer, one week, San Carlos, Costa Rica

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