High Demand
High Demand
STEM Occupations
High Earning
Source: Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI)

Estimated employment change and turnover for occupations requiring some college level education projected 2021 & 2028. Openings are a combination of two types of data:
  1. Job Growth an employer experiences greater demand for its products and hires new employees to increase production.
  2. Replacement Needs an employer hires replacement workers for employees who leave the workforce or change occupations.
Projected 2021 -to- 2028

Earnings: Based on one year average salary (2021).
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One of the University’s initiatives is to engage with industry partners to develop industry-led curriculum that will imbue graduating students with the marketable skills for which businesses are looking. To further this initiative, we are developing online tools that looks not only at occupational data within individual sectors, but at data across all sectors, thus creating a holistic snapshot of industry demands and the current spread of occupations.

Development will focus on a user-friendly interface to access data-rich content, allowing readers to parse endless sources of statistics in a myriad of different equations, accessing answers for a vast range of unique and specific questions regarding academics, programming, careers, job availability and trends.

Curriculum Design