Occupation Profile

Includes QCEW and NON-QCEW Emplyees, does not include Self Employed.

Job trends by percent change to compare Hawaii State to the United States average number of jobs.

Compare Hawaii State to the National Average salary ranging from entry level, average, and more experienced workers.

Cost of Living
The actual salary earned after deducting Hawaii's cost of living adjustment.

Educational Attainment
Represents the highest level of education achieved by workers who are employed in this occupation (National)

Degrees and Certificates
University of Hawaii programs of study.

Skills ranked by the number of times it was found in job postings.

Related Certificates
University of Hawaii certificates offered..

Job Posts
The number of total and unique job posts found for this occupation.

Employee Churn
The term churn is used to describe seperations and hirings of employees in a given occupation or industry. A high churn number means the turnover is high and employees do not stay long in this occupation.

Hawaii compared to the nationl average.

Age Groups
Workforce broken down by age groups.

Workforce broken down by race.

Additional Information

Drill-downs contain detailed information about wages, skills, industry demand, and job postings.

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Detailed information about wages that include percentiles, comparision to all 50 states, and number of jobs within those states.

  Hard and soft skills ranked by the number of
  times found in job postings. At the bottom of the skills page you can click on related skills to find companies looking for that skill, skills ranked by the selected company job ads, and if available view the actual job post.

  Industry demand related to workforce output
  by institutions in the state. Look at related occupations aligned to college programs and get a sense about job opportunities based graduates entering the workforce from a Gap Analysis that's performed once all the data is loaded.

Job posting analytics by county. An overview about the number of job postings by county for the selected occupation. Get a sense about the industry demand and which companies are actively looking to hire.

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Standard Occupational Classification (SOC)

  Earnings with "cost of living" adjustment

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Educational Attainment

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Educational attainment data represents the highest level of education achieved by workers employed in this occupation (National).
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