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Types of Distance Learning Courses

The information below describes the types of UHCC distance learning courses available.

Online Courses
Online courses are independent of time and location. Rather than gathering in a classroom, students meet online and communicate with the instructor and classmates through e-mail and/or the World Wide Web. Students are required to have an email address and access to a web-browser, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Technical Requirements for Distance Learning Courses
  • Cable Television
    Students are required to pay for a cable subscription to receive courses at home.

  • Internet
    Connection to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and an email account is required. Information to obtain a University of Hawaii - Information Technology Services (ITS) UHUNIX email account can be found at the ITS Infotech section.

Minimum Requirements for Computer Hardware and Software

View the DL Course Listing for fall, spring, or summer, for specific technical requirements for each distance learning course. Be sure to click on the title of the course to view the syllabus for pertinent course information. Instructors may require campus visits for course orientations and testing.

Cable Television Courses
Cable courses are delivered over public access channels throughout the State of Hawaii. Courses are live or taped and may include an Internet component, such as email or a Web site, for course-related instruction. Students are able to attend a class in the convenience of their home by tuning into their local cable educational access channel. View the Cable Educational Access Channel Listing for your local TV channel. Communication between the instructor and student is via telephone, email, fax, and scheduled on-campus meetings. To receive cable courses, you must subscribe to cable television. For cable courses that include an Internet component, you are required to have an e-mail address and access to a web-browser, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Interactive Television (ITV) Courses
Interactive courses occur at a specific time and place, allowing students to take a course from one location while the instructor teaches from another. Both instructor and student can see and hear each other, simulating a face-to-face class environment. ITV courses may include an Internet component and require an e-mail address and a web-browser, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. View the Interactive Television (ITV) locations.



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