Military and Veterans - Overview
Military and Veterans

Military, Veterans, and Family members

Each of our seven community college campuses have veteran counselors/coordinators to support you in your educational goals. Before selecting a college, ensure you have applied to VA for your Education Benefits.

Before selecting a college, ensure you have applied to the VA for your Education Benefits.

This process can take anywhere from four to eight weeks to receive your Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Once you have applied for your education benefits you can apply to the college of your choosing. Here is a short list of steps to make you aware of the process. Please check with your selected college for more specific steps pertaining to their process.

  1. Apply for VA Education Benefits
  2. Apply online at to the school of your choice. Click on “Create an Account”. Print and submit necessary documents from the online application site for military or veteran verification such as a copy of DD214.
  3. You'll receive an email that informs you if your application has been accepted or denied. If accepted, the email will also include important information on your first steps to enrolling.
  4. Sign up for your UH account. Go to and click on "Get A UH Username" on the right side of the page. This account is needed to register for classes and for your UH email.
  5. Send any previous college transcripts or Joint Service Transcript (JST) to the school for transcript evaluation.
  6. Submit your immunization records such as TB and MMR for health clearance.
  7. You may be required to take a placement test for math and/or English. More information can be found on the selected school’s website.
  8. Participate in required activities at the selected school such as attend a New Student Orientation, schedule a counseling appointment, and register for classes.
  9. Buy or rent textbooks (if needed).
  10. Attend Class!

Thank you for your service!

Schools will continue to certify converted online courses due to COVID-19 as in residence courses, so impacted beneficiaries will receive the maximum Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) rate payable for training through December 21, 2021.






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