5.200 - General Education in All Degree Programs

UHCC Policy Chapter 5, Academic Affairs
UHCC 5.200 General Education in All Degree Programs
Effective Date: May 2012
Prior Dates Amended: April 2018 (recodified)
Responsible Office: Office of the Vice President for Community Colleges
Governing Board of Regents Policy: Board of Regents Policy, RP 5.213, General Education
Review Date: February 2021


I. Purpose: 

This policy addresses the inclusion of a component of general education in all degree programs offered by the institution. It ensures that the institution provides an environment that supports learning, enhanc
es student understanding and appreciation of diversity, and encourages personal and civic responsibility as well as intellectual, aesthetic, and personal development for all of its students.

II. Definitions: 

III. Executive Policy: 

It is the responsibility of each chancellor to ensure that a component of general education based on a carefully considered philosophy clearly stated in the college’s catalog is included in all degree programs. Each chancellor will:

  1. Ensure that the institution, relying on the expertise of its faculty and the institution’s chief academic officer, determines the appropriateness of each course for inclusion in the general education curriculum by examining the stated learning outcomes for the course.
  2. Ensure that the process includes broad dialogue on how student learning outcomes are used to analyze courses for inclusion as general education.
  3. Ensure that the rationale for general education is communicated to all stakeholders.
  4. Ensure that the general education philosophy is reflected in the degree requirements.
  5. Procedures
    1. The institution will require that a component of general education is included in all degree programs.
    2. General education has comprehensive learning outcomes for the students who complete it, including the following:
      1. An understanding of the basic content and methodology of the major areas of knowledge: areas include the humanities and fine arts, the natural sciences, and the social sciences.
      2. A capability to be a productive individual and life-long learner. Skills include:
        1. oral and written communication,
        2. information competency,
        3. computer literacy,
        4. scientific and quantitative reasoning,
        5. critical analysis/logical thinking, and
        6. ability to acquire knowledge through a variety of means.
      3. A recognition of what is meant to be an ethical human being and effective citizen. Qualities include:
        1. an appreciation of ethical principles,
        2. civility and interpersonal skills,
        3. respect for cultural diversity,
        4. historical and aesthetic sensitivity, and
        5. willingness to assume civic, political, and social responsibilities locally, nationally, and globally.
      4. Demonstrated competence in writing and computational skills.
    3. All degree programs include focused study in at least one area of inquiry or in an established interdisciplinary core.
    4. In addition to the general education components, students completing career and technical education degrees will have demonstrated technical and professional competencies that meet employment and other applicable standards and are prepared for external licensure and certification as appropriate to the area.
  6. Assessment of the Process for Assuring General Education in Degree Programs
    1. The chancellor will ensure that through the comprehensive program review process, the faculty and the chief academic officer will review each degree offered by the college for compliance with this policy and revise as appropriate.

IV. Delegation of Authority: 

V. Contact Information: 

Subject Matter Experts

Office of the Vice President for Community Colleges, telephone number 956-7038 or email at ovpcc@hawaii.edu

VII. Exhibits and Appendices: 

No Exhibits and Appendices found.

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