5.205 - Notation of Academic Credentials

UHCC Policy Chapter 5, Academic Affairs
UHCC Policy 5.205, Notation of Academic Credentials
Effective Date: May 2015
Prior Dates Amended: February 2013, April 2018 (recodified)
Responsible Office: Office of the Vice President for Community Colleges
Governing Board of Regents Policy: Board of Regents Policy, RP 5.208, Section 5(c) Conferring of Academic Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates
Review Date: February 2021


I. Purpose: 

This policy ensures the notation of all University of Hawai`i Community College academic credentials (certificates and degrees), upon students’ successful completion of program requirements.

II. Definitions: 

The Chancellor or designee is responsible to develop and implement a college process that ensures that students who have successfully completed all program requirements are made aware of the earning of the certificate or degree. Once verified, the academic credentials will be noted on the academic record unless requested not to do so by the student and will be at no cost to the student.

III. Executive Policy: 

  1. Procedures
    1. The college will operationalize procedures to notate when Star has informed the college that students have successfully met or will meet the program requirements for an academic credential. Reference to the automatic notation of credential policy will be included in the college’s catalog.
    2. Students will be notified either after the requirements are met or are in-progress to meet the requirements in the current semester.
    3. The college will establish a deadline by which the student must notify the college that he or she does not want the credential noted on the transcript. The student must:
      1. Contact a college or program counselor to discuss the request.
      2. If receiving financial aid, get additional approval from the financial aid office.
      3. If receiving Veterans Assistance, or enrolled on an International Student visa, get additional approval from the program.
    4. The student will be offered the opportunity to participate in the commencement ceremony and/or receive a diploma or certificate identifying the academic credential. If applicable, the student will pay a commencement fee as established by the college and abide by college deadlines.
    5. Within forty-five (45) days after Star has verified that the student has successfully completed the requirements of the credential, the credential will be noted on the student’s academic record (unless the student has opted-out in writing) at no cost to the student. Student record will be coded appropriately for data assessment.
    6. Assessment of the Process for Notation of Academic Credentials
      1. The Chancellor will ensure that the college process is reviewed and revised as necessary. The UHCC Vice Chancellors/Deans of Student Services will review the UHCC Policy and process for effectiveness in promoting student success.

IV. Delegation of Authority: 

V. Contact Information: 

Subject Matter Experts

Office of the Vice President for Community Colleges, telephone number 956-7038 or email at ovpcc@hawaii.edu

VI. References: 

  1. Board of Regents Policy, RP 5.208, Section 5(c) Conferring of Academic Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates
  2. University Executive Policy, EP 5.203, University of Hawai‘i Program Credentials
  3. University Executive Policy, E5.205, Academic Minors and Certificates
  4. UHCCP 5.200 General Education in All Degree Programs
  5. UHCCP 5.208 Residency for Graduation
  6. STAR as the Official Arbiter of Degree Completion: http://www.hawaii.edu/offices/app/aa/cms/STAR_Memo_07082014.pdf PDF icon

VII. Exhibits and Appendices: 

No Exhibits and Appendices found.

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