The Evolving Role of Advocates in the Title IX World: Post-Pandemic Trends & Considerations

April 5, 2022, 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

For decades, confidential advocates have existed as a result of the critical needs of survivors for support and safety in the context of sexual and domestic violence victimization. However, the presence of such advocates on college campuses is a more recent phenomenon, as uplifted by the Violence Against Women’s Act, and as necessitated by the evolving framework of Title IX’s focus on sexual violence. This session will explore that evolving role of advocacy, with particular attention to the sophisticated work of campus advocates during the COVID-19 pandemic. Other topics will include confidentiality, supportive measures, what we’re seeing in cases (without identifying any particular individuals), and the holistic approach of providing services, which require coordination and collaboration with Title IX-related personnel and community stakeholders.

This webinar is presented by Jennifer Solidum Rose and Leslie Duadua Cabingabang from the UH Office of Institutional Equity and is open to UH students, faculty, and staff.

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Given its subject matter, some of the above resources may be emotionally upsetting. If you or someone you know needs support, help is available. Please visit our Find Support page for details.

Learn more about our wonderful presenters:

Jennifer Rose, Director, UH Office of Institutional Equity

Jenn Rose is the Director of the University of Hawai'i Office of Institutional Equity, which coordinates and oversees the University’s system-wide policies and initiatives related to Title IX and VAWA. For over 25 years, Jenn has worked as an attorney and advocate to address the intersections of gender-based violence, cultural and linguistic access and immigrant rights. Throughout her career, Jenn has been recognized for advocacy work on gender equity, civil rights and gender violence advocacy on behalf of marginalized populations. In 2018, she was presented the “Outstanding Woman Lawyer of the Year Award” by Hawai'i Women Lawyers for her work on Title IX and gender equity in higher education. In 2012, she was recognized by the Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation, the Hawai‘i State Senate and Hawai'i State House of Representatives for her work on Title IX issues.

Leslie Cabingabang, Senior Confidential Advocate, UH Office of Institutional Equity

Leslie D. Cabingabang is a daughter, sister, cousin, friend, and mother to little Maya, who recently turned 3! Leslie serves as the Senior Confidential Advocate with the UH System Confidential Advocacy Program, for all Oʻahu campuses. She is also currently working toward her doctoral degree in education administration in higher education at the UH Mānoa College of Education. Her research goals are to examine campus advocacy and sexual harassment policies throughout the student experience. This year marks twenty years since she began working with families and individuals experiencing interpersonal violence. She started as an advocate at the PACT Family Peace Center and PACT Ohia Shelter. She became a fellow with the Consuelo Foundation and Myron B Thompson School of Social Work Philippines Program, working with child survivors of abuse in Zamboanga, Mindanao, Philippines. Leslie then returned to Hawaiʻi as the community educator with the Pilipina Rural Project at the Domestic Violence Action Center. She joined the University in 2009 to begin the Prevention, Awareness and Understanding Violence Program at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and started her work as a confidential advocate in higher education.

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