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FAQ's for Friends

How do I help a friend who may have been sexually assaulted or experienced another form of sexual misconduct?

If your friend has been harmed, make sure they are safe. Believe your friend and listen to them. Establish yourself as a safe person who won't pass judgment and will let your friend lead their own recovery process. Be patient. Healing takes time, so continue to offer your support. Don't try to rationalize what happened or make excuses for the offender. Provide options to the victim/survivor and let them choose which option is best. Do not avoid your friend or the subject; doing so may reinforce any shame or fear they are feeling.

Is there anything tangible I can do?

Know available campus resources, community resources and the Title IX coordinators. If they aren't interested, don't force them. You may also contact these resources for guidance on how to help your friend. Educate yourself about sexual violence and the trauma associated with it. Do not forget to get help for yourself. Having a friend who has been victimized can be a scary and confusing experience.

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