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Hawai'i's Promise Scholarship is a need-based scholarship program designed to make college affordable to all qualified Hawai'i students. The program provides financial assistance to help meet the direct educational costs of University of Hawai'i Community College students who are enrolled at least half time in an eligible academic program. The "last dollar" scholarship is based on FAFSA-determined criteria and is applied after all other grants and scholarships have been awarded. It helps fill the financial gap for the direct educational costs of qualified students. Students may be eligible up to the amount of the total cost of UH direct costs including tuition, fees, books, supplies and a standard transportation allowance.

How do I apply for a Hawai'i Promise Scholarship?

There is no separate application for a Hawai'i Promise Scholarship. Simply enroll at one of the UH community colleges at least half time (6 credits) in an eligible academic program and complete the FAFSA to be considered for eligibility for this need-based scholarship.

Who is eligible?

Eligible students must be enrolled at least six credits in a degree or certificate program at one of the UH community colleges and qualify for resident tuition. Students must file for financial assistance through the FAFSA for federal financial aid and have remaining UH-defined direct cost need after all other non-loan resources (including a portion of the FAFSA EFC) have been applied and must meet the institution's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy requirements.

Students who already have a bachelor's degree are not eligible.

Students not meeting satisfactory academic progress requirements are not eligible.

Are students at all UH campuses eligible?

No, at the current time, state funding has been allocated only for students attending the UH community colleges (including UH Maui College).

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