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UHCC International Agreements Directory
Country Partner Institution Contract Purpose Contract End View 
Canada College de Valleyfield MOU Cooperation 10/16/22 View Agreement
Czech Republic Anglo-American University MOU Cooperation 10/17/21 View Agreement
Japan Aichi Univeristy MOA Exchange 6/10/20 View Agreement
Japan Hakuoh University MOU Cooperation 2/2/23 View Agreement
Japan Hakuoh University MOA Exchange 2/21/24 View Agreement
Japan Hirosaki University MOA Exchange 10/29/22 View Agreement
Japan Fukuhara Gakuen University Consortium  MOU Cooperation 1/5/20 View Agreement
Japan Meio University MOU Cooperation 8/29/22 View Agreement
Japan Okinawa Women's Junior College MOU Cooperation 3/24/24 View Agreement
Japan Tohoku Bunkyo College MOU Cooperation 7/23/24 View Agreement
Japan University of Niigata Prefecture MOA Exchange 8/21/21 View Agreement
Japan Yamagata University MOA Exchange 10/16/22 View Agreement
New Zealand Otago Polytechnic MOU Cooperation 6/30/24 View Agreement
Taiwan Jinwen University of Science & Technology MOA Exchange 12/29/24 View Agreement


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