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Before you embark on any journey, it is wise to consult a map and plan your trip. This is true for students planning their educational and career pathway. Knowledge of career options and occupational training paths can help students discover the right direction to take.

The UH Community Colleges can help students explore options and plan a pathway that will help them define their future. As you browse through this Website, keep in mind the endless possibilities and opportunities offered at the community colleges. In addition to degree and certificate programs, the UH Community Colleges offer short-term educational programs that prepare you for industry certification, enhance workplace skills, or provide personal or professional development.

With more than 270 degree and certificate programs offered at seven community colleges throughout the state of Hawai’i, you’ll bound to find something that interests you.

Still searching for the right career pathway? Click on to  Career Connections.  Here, you will find interactive tools that help you define your interest and choose the career that best suits you. Information on education requirements, job salaries and helpful planning tips can also be found on this Website.


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