Round 2 Come Back to UH

Finish What You Started

You have a goal to return to college. To learn new skills. To increase your value in the workplace. To support your family. To accelerate your life. To fulfill your potential. To say, "I did it" and finish what you started. This is your moment, your round two, your come back story. You have a goal. Let us help you achieve it.

  • It's an investment that pays off:
    Degree holders typically earn $10,000 more per year than those without a degree and much more over their lifetime.

  • You’ve already begun your journey:
    There’s support to continue what you’ve started including helping you re-apply for admission, making previously earned credits count and offering technical support for online classes.

  • It’s the right choice for your family and your future:
    We’re not the only ones who care about your success. Your family and friends want you to create a truly great future for yourself. Go ahead, make them proud!


Common Myths About Returning to College

I'm too old.

You are never too old to learn, it’s a lifelong process! One of the best things about returning to college is the ability to bring all your experiences with you, whether you’ve come from the workforce, served in the military, raised a family or any other past that life has thrown at you. You already know about responsibility, focus and keeping track of what’s important so adjusting to life as a student shouldn’t be an issue. Plus, you are not alone. In 2020, over 34% of students at a UH Community College were 25-years or older!

My credits expired.

UH credits do not expire; however, some may not fulfill specific major or program requirements as curriculum evolves to keep up with the advancements in the field. Some of these credits may still count towards electives or meet general education requirements. Our academic advisors will work with you to determine exactly how each of your credits will count and apply to a degree.

I can't afford it.

Financial aid and scholarships are available for adult students, too! Get started by completing a FAFSA form, and learn about your eligibility for Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, and other kinds of financial aid. If you need help completing the FAFSA, email us at UH Community College students may also be eligible for a “last dollar” Hawai‘i Promise scholarship or other special aid to support students during this pandemic.

My grades were bad.

If your first attempt (or second) resulted in poor grades, you need to speak with a counselor about your options. You might be able to switch majors, retake classes or “forgive” a poor performing semester.

I won't be able to balance work, studying, family, etc.

UH offers fully online and evening classes to accommodate your challenging schedule. Summer classes are also offered to help you study year-round and allow you to finish your degree sooner. Additionally, all campuses offer a wide range of free student support services.

Round 2 Stronger You, Come Back to UH

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