Financial Aid

Professional Judgement

Did you or someone in your household recently experience unemployment or loss of income?

Sometimes a family’s current financial situation is not accurately represented on the FAFSA. Some examples include: loss or change in employment, death, divorce or separation of parents and unusual medical expenses. Your situation may or may not be related to COVID-19 to be considered. In some cases, your Financial Aid administrator may be able to consider your special circumstances and re-evaluate your application. This review could result in additional aid.

  • Based on the information you provide, your Financial Aid Administrator will re-evaluate your application to see if any changes can be made to revise your award.
  • All requests will be considered, but not all requests will be approved or result in additional grant aid.
  • Your Financial Aid Administrator will use professional judgement to assist you as best as possible. The decision of the Financial Aid Administrator is final and cannot be appealed.

Special Circumstances Process

Step 1: Submit a Special Circumstance Form to your campus. Carefully read and review the form. Click on the campus link to access the form:

Examples of what cannot be considered as Special Circumstances: Parent’s refusal to contribute to education; Credit card or other unusually high debt. Carefully read and review the form to see what information is being asked of you to avoid delays.

Step 2: Await review of your form: Your Financial Aid Office will contact you within approximately 2 weeks of receiving your form and advise if any other information is needed.

Step 3: Submit any other required documentation
Common forms include: Verification form, signed Federal Tax Forms, W2 forms, pay stubs, or unemployment documentation.

Please note: If you are inquiring about a professional judgement evaluation for Fall 2022, the process will begin in March. Please email with any questions.

For more information, please contact your UHCC campus Financial Aid Office below:

Hawai‘i Community College
Phone: (808) 934-2712

Honolulu Community College
Phone: (808) 845-9116

Kapi‘olani Community College
Phone: (808) 734-9537

Kaua‘i Community College
Phone: (808) 245-8360

Leeward Community College
Phone: (808) 455-0606

University of Hawai‘i Maui College
Phone: (808) 984-3277

Windward Community College
Phone: (808) 235-7449