A faculty member in the University of Hawai'i Community College System is primarily a teacher and/or academic support faculty, appointed for teaching skills, knowledge of the field and ability to relate to and assist student learning. The primary obligation and responsibility that most distinguishes community college faculty members is effectiveness in teaching and in the assistance of learning. Further, the open door commitment of the Community Colleges results in a diverse and multi-faceted student body with educational needs ranging from remedial and developmental to highly specialized and technical skills. (EP 5.221, Classification of Faculty, May 2011.)

The following chart provides quick links to some of the resources available to faculty members:

University of Hawai'i Board of Regents Reference Guide This reference guide provides information about the University of Hawai'i System

Executive Policy EP 5.221
Classification of Faculty
This Executive Policy provides information relating to the classification of faculty at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, University of Hawai'i at Hilo, University of Hawai'i at West O'ahu, University of Hawai'i Maui College and the University of Hawai'i Community Colleges

Executive Policy EP 5.222
High Demand
This Executive Policy provides information on the designation of high demand disciplines.

Academic Calendar
Academic calendar for the University of Hawai'i System for the academic year.
Agreement between the University of Hawai'i Professional Assembly and the Board of Regents of the University of Hawai'i Unit 7 collective bargaining agreement linked to the UHPA website

Minimum Qualification Implementation Guidelines

Minimum Qualification Guidelines
Minimum qualifications for instructional/non-instructional positions within the University of Hawai'i Community College System

Special Salary Adjustment Request Form
University of Hawai'i Special Salary Adjustment Request Form for retention, market, equity and merit.

University of Hawai'i Leave System
On line leave application

Organizational Charts
Organizational charts and functional statements for community colleges campuses.

Faculty Classification

University of Hawai'i Community Colleges Faculty Classification Plan

Tenure and Promotion
The 2021-2025 Agreement between the University of Hawai'i Professional Assembly and the Board of Regents of the University of Hawai'i (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement") requires that all eligible faculty apply for tenure by their final year of probationary service according to a timetable established and published by the University. Probationary service is defined in Article XII, Section C, of the Agreement. The normal probationary period is five (5) probationary years. If requests for extensions are approved, the probationary period may extend an additional two years for a total maximum of seven (7) years. Failure to apply for tenure during the final year of probationary service, results in the automatic issuance of a terminal year contract commencing August 1. (Article XII, Section F of the 2015-2017 Agreement) If you have any questions regarding your tenure, check with your campus Human Resources Office.

Tenure application forms shall be made available to eligible faculty members no less than six (6) weeks prior to the application deadline. Faculty members applying in the final year of the normal probationary period shall have the option of being considered under the criteria contained in the guidelines distributed this academic year or those contained in the guidelines distributed two years earlier (Article XII, Section G of the 2015-2017 Agreement). Each year in the fall semester, individual community colleges campuses hold informational workshops to assist applicants in the tenure and promotion process.

The application for tenure is very important. The information submitted by you, and that which is appended to your application by reviewers, is the documentation upon which your case for tenure will be examined. It is your responsibility to see that all pertinent information has been included in your application.

UHCC Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

General Information Dossier Templates

Contract Renewal
The Contract Renewal process is applicable to all eligible faculty during their probationary period. Assessments and recommendations must be conducted during the probationary period in accordance with Article XII E. of the Unit 7 Agreement and the Department/Division Personnel Committee procedures.

Contract Renewal is also applicable to faculty members on limited term contracts who are appointed to positions for a specific time period.

UHCC Contract Renewal Guidelines and Contract Renewal Forms

Other Faculty Resources

Employee Tuition Waivers In accordance with Board of Regents Policy, RP 6.207, faculty and staff may be eligible for tuition waivers for credits courses.
Employees Retirement System (ERS) The Employee's Retirement System (ERS) provides retirement benefits to eligible State and County employees.
Hawai'i Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund (EUTF) The Hawai'i Employer-Union Health Benefits Trush Fund (EUTF) provides health benefit plans to eligible State and County employees and retirees.

Summary of Employee Benefits
University Employee Benefits

How to apply for Faculty positions?

If you are interested in Faculty positions, we welcome you to view current vacancies here .

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