5.202 - Review of Established Programs

UHCC Policy Chapter 5, Academic Affairs
UHCC Policy 5.202 Review of Established Programs
Effective Date: May 2012
Prior Dates Amended: April 2018 (recodified)
Responsible Office: Office of the Vice President for Community Colleges
Governing Board of Regents Policy: Board of Regents Policy, Print

I. Purpose: 

Program reviews are intended to provide a regular assessment of the effectiveness of degree programs, of significant non-credit programs, of areas of major curricular emphasis, and of major educational and administrative support functions. Program reviews are conducted by the faculty and staff in the program, based on agreed-upon measures and program plans. Program reviews provide for assessment of student
learning, program demand and efficiency, analysis of external factors impacting a program, and assessment of planned program improvements. Program review results shall be used for decisions relating to pr
ogram improvement, program modification, and/or program termination.

II. Definitions: 

III. Executive Policy: 

  1. Policy Objective
    1. This policy establishes a coordinated program review process within each College and across the Community College System that meets the requirements of the University Board of Regents and Executive policies, external mandates such as those required by the Federal Carl Perkins Act of 1998, and the standards of good practice established by program and regional accrediting bodies.
    2. Required Elements of the Program Review
      1. All Colleges shall develop program review policies and processes that comply with the following principles:
        1. Each instructional and non-instructional program shall undergo a comprehensive review at least once every five years.
        2. Program reviews shall result in improvement plans that are linked to the College strategic plan.
        3. There shall be an annual report of program data which is analyzed, reviewed, and, where appropriate, reflected in updated action plans.
        4. There shall be an overarching commitment to continuous quality improvement.
        5. The program review process shall be collegial.
        6. Program review information shall be publicly available.
        7. Comparable measures shall be used consistently across Colleges.
        8. Program reviews and resulting plans for improvement shall be used in decisions regarding resource allocation at the College and System level.
      2. V. Programs Subject to Review
        1. The following programs are subject to the program review policy:
          1. All Board of Regents approved credit degree and certificate granting programs. Program reviews for degree-granting programs should incorporate reviews of all related certificates and non-credit programs, and student service support.
          2. All non-credit programs where the scope of the program is comparable to a credit degree or certificate granting program and where the program is not otherwise incorporated in the review of a degree granting program.
            1. All educational and administrative support programs.
            2. Any cross-curricular emphases or special programs that have been designated by the College as a significant component of the general education or strategic direction of the College.
        2. Frequency of Program Reviews
          1. All programs shall prepare annual reports documenting performance on agreed-upon outcomes, key benchmarks, critical external factors, and planning improvements. All programs shall complete a comprehensive assessment at least once each five years in accordance with the schedule established by the College. If a program has completed a comprehensive self-assessment for the purposes of program accreditation within two years of the program review cycle, the results of the accreditation self-study may substitute for the comprehensive program review.
        3. VII. Content of Program Review
          1. Program reviews shall include the following components:
            1. Statement on the mission or purpose of the program, including the target student population;
            2. Information on external factors affecting the program;
            3. Historical trend data on key measures;
            4. Program health indicators with benchmarks to provide a quick view on the overall condition of the program;
            5. Required external measures;
            6. Analysis of the outcomes over the period of the review, including an assessment related to progress in achieving planned improvements;
            7. Recommendations for improvement or action to be incorporated into the unit plan or the College’s next strategic plan.
        4. Dissemination of Program Reviews
          1. The Office of the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs shall compile an annual report of program reviews summarizing the reports completed and significant actions or issues identified in the reports. The Vice President for Community Colleges will report the results of the program reviews to the Community College Committee of the Board of Regents.
          2. The program reviews and the annual summary shall be made available to the Community Colleges’ community and the general public through a public web site.
        5. Assessment of the Program Review Process
          1. Under the management of the Community Colleges’ Director of Academic Planning, Assessment, and Policy Analysis, the established Community College System deans and/or directors groups are responsible for assessing the effectiveness of the system Program Review Process and to recommend changes to improve the outcomes of the process.
          2. At the conclusion of each year, each established system vice chancellors/deans and/or directors group will review the measures and content of the program review in their respective area to ensure that the review provides the information necessary for program assessment and improvement.
          3. At the conclusion of each program review cycle, each established system vice chancellors/deans and/or directors group will conduct an assessment of the overall program review policy and procedures to determine if improvements are necessary.
        6. Annual Program Review Procedures
          1. Within the principles outlined in Section III, each College shall establish and operate its own program review process, each College is free to supplement the Community Colleges System agreed-upon common set of program review data elements, and each College shall make available to the Community College System, summary data and analysis in a timely manner to facilitate the annual report to the Board of Regents.

IV. Delegation of Authority: 

V. Contact Information: 

Subject Matter Experts

Office of the Vice President for Community Colleges, telephone number 956-7038 or email at jmorton@hawaii.edu

VI. References: 

  1. Board of Regents Policy, RP 5.201, Section 5-1.e, Review of Established Programs PDF icon
  2. University of Hawai`i Systemwide Executive Policy, E5.202, Review of Established Programs

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